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fragrant concept drawing # 5 


washbin, sand, fired and unfired ceramic, scented oil, water

3 x 2.5 x 2.5 ft


This piece is based on some sketches that I have been doing recently in how I conceptualize smell - giving depth and architecture to the once 2-dimensional drawings. 


In some Indian medicinal practices, they ask their patients to come to them bathed and unscented. The doctor then begins to smell the patient for particular ailments and is usually successful.


This idea of chemical fluidity between individuals and the spheres of our own interaction becomes demonstrated in the unfired clay - which has a scented oil at its central chamber. The clay is unfired and its outside body will eventually decompose from the water surrounding it - ultimately, taking advantage of diffusion and gradients. The clay bodies are based on prison designs by Ledoux, an Enlightenment architect. The scent will be rose - drawing upon roses being a mythological entity within history and a constant in every scented home.

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