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fragrand vessel K.G.  2016

ceramic and heterogenous mixture of scent of K.G.

7 x 9 x 8” ​


I’m hoping that the concept of containing a volatile smell will activate one, or all, of these different perceptions: 

  1. there is a deeper understanding of molecular space and material objects,

  2. a beginning conversation of the language of smell (or just having the individual beginning to talk about it) 

  3. an interesting psychosomatic response in the individual where the smell could activate their own memories 

  4. some other possibility. 


This smell chamber in particular will be based off of my best friend Kim and her signature scent. She loves the scent of pine wood, fresh green-age, and Christmas(these may or may not have influenced her decision to become a sculptor who works with a lot of wood.) The lidded spout will be the initial pouring spot of the volatile perfume mixture, slots built into the “chimney” will contain fabric to slow down the molecular movement of the aromatic smell, the viewer will then be invited to smell the chimney. This visualization of molecular movement is part of the thrill for myself as an artist. I plan to glaze the object in a combo of a color scheme she might traditionally use within her own work

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