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untitled (buried time)  2019

Video, linocut print, watercolor paper,
glazed ceramic, geodes, scented oils,
aromatic diffuser, artificial grass, and cushions.

Within this installation, there is an olfactory component that the ceramic object in the center emits. The smell itself is subtle but is apparent within the room through the use of a diffuser.

The smell is the gentle apparition of the forest floor right after it has rained, here in California. There is a strong undercurrent of dirt and mulch (wood that is slightly decaying as a result of fungi), cut through by the spiciness of freshly cut wood (or sawdust), however the top of the smell is an airy and herbaceous impression of wild mint, orange flower, and other greenery you would find soaked by the rain on the forest floor. These top notes weave in and out of this wetter, heavier bottom smell. 

** This piece was installed as part of an exhibition at A Ship in the Woods, an art space in San Diego. Please excuse the vinyl text on the left and the mounted painting on the right, as they are works from other artists. **

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