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who that has reason, and his smell, would not among roses dwell 


ceramic and rose oil: synthetic and essential rose oil

15 x 15 x 5” 


Within this piece, there surprisingly is a whimsical comedy contained within it as a miniature personalized, interior objects, which are not only activating themselves but the rest of their surroundings. Through their propagation of smell they are creating a time space continuum that is relevant, and substantiated, only by the individual. Hopefully another thing that they get the viewer to achieve is a deeper appreciation and reflection of the spaces contained around them – or simply how they interact with other individuals. What is it about this frame that dictates not only the way we move but the way we psychosomatically project all that we have brought from our subjective outside environments into our interiors.


This specific piece “who that has reason…” is drawn from several historical sources:

  1. The mythology of the rose,

    1. more specifically the Roman fascination and its use in festivals/rituals - They had a yearly holiday dedicated specifically to the rose. It is said that Emperor Nero’s own celebrations were so elaborate that eating guests were lightly spritzed with rose water, where the spritzer was contained within a plate built into the table. Not to mention one of his guests literally drowned in a bed of rose petals. Finally, Cleopatra and Antony consummated there love on a sea of petals from the 100 petaled rose. 

  2. The Roman “Domus” - and the use of an interior garden

  3. Neoclassical architecture

  4. Lung Architecture: Aveoli

  5. the ritual of daily activity 

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